Where to buy KanJam

KanJam is a throwing game explained in my KanJam: Do You Play KanJam post? That has all the rules and information about how to play.

To Buy KanJam

There really are more types of KanJam than a person may realize. Each KanJam game has it own unique characteristic. All sets are similar in structure and are made by the same company. They do come in standard black, patriotic, glow in the dark, but there isn’t as much variety as you will find in other lawn games like Cornhole. This will take you to the best priced KanJam games.

KanJam Ultimate Disc Game:

KanJam Patriotic

Patriotic KanJam
Patriotic KanJam

KanJam Illuminate Glow Game Set

KanJam Illuminate

KanJam Hard Count Football Set

This is a combination of KanJam and Football. Instead of using a disc, there is a smaller football.

KanJam Hard Count Football




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