Washer Toss Rules

Washer Toss is yet another lawn game that can be played anywhere that is level and has the space.  The rules, terminology, scoring, equipment and variations are included in this post about a backyard game that is simple to play and simple to make.


Washer toss or just plain Washer is played with 2 – 4 people tossing washers toward one of two washer boxes also called washer pits, which have a 4” cup in the middle of the box.  The boxes are set 25 feet apart. The idea is to toss the washers into the center cup or as close as possible and score 21 points before your opponent does. 3 Hole Washer Toss will be explained in a different post.

A “diddle” will determine who gets to throw the washers first.  A diddle, is when each player throws a washer toward a box and the person closest to the cup gets to go first.  The first person to toss will throw two washers, one at a time, then the next player will throw two washers. After each round, the person who scored the points will have the honors to throw first in the next round.

Players may stand next to the washer box when throwing, but may not go ahead of it.

If playing teams, the two members are facing each other but are at opposite ends from each other.


large washers that can bought and painted to play Washer Toss

You will need two washer boxes/pits and 4 steel washers that are 2.5” with a center that is 1” and weigh 4 ounces.  The washers should be painted so the teams can differentiate between their washers. Since the game is usually played outdoors in the grass, painting the washers bright colors is recommended.  However, you could also set it up to play at the beach, driveway or any level surface.  When you are ready to purchase a set of Washer Toss Boxes, click here.


Only one person can score per round, and it is determined by the closest washer to the cup.  The person or team who scored will have honors to throw first in the next round.

Scoring is as follows:

1 point for each washer that lands in the box or closest to the cup

3 points for each washer inside the cup

A game is played to 21

A player who scores 20 points first always throws last

It is possible to “skunk” the other player if the score is 11-0

It is called a “whitewash” if one player has 17 points and the other player only has one point.  The game is then over.


“Cupper” refers to the washer landing inside the cup

“Hanger” is when a washer balances on the rim of the cup but is not in.

“Full Term” is when players have scored 2 points and there is no chance of a skunk or whitewash, this means the game will go full term to 21 points.

“Round” is when all players have completed their throws.  Only then can the points be calculated.


  • Throw with an underhand motion.  Hold the washer with it resting on the middle finger and the thumb on top, and the index finger along the side of the washer.
  • Pick a comfortable stance and be consistent with throwing from the same location and with the same motion.
  • If playing on a hard service, account for the bounce that will take place if it lands on the ground, it may bounce off of the ground into the box or cup.


  • The distance between the washer pits may be less than 25 feet if the space is limited or young players need to be closer.
  • A point may be awarded for the person who is closest to the box, after all washers have been tossed, if nobody threw one into the box or the cup.
  • Play so that if a washer balances on the edge of the box, they automatically win the game.
  • Play to a different score that was settled upon before the game begins.
  • Put a challenge on by throwing with your non-dominant hand or closing your eyes when you throw.
  • Use a pit that has a recessed 4” hole in the ground and is 5’ x 3’ marked off with wood or grass.
  • Some people play with four washers each.
  • As mentioned above, play on various surfaces and see how it affects the washer



There are tutorials out there that will show you how to make washer toss boxes, and then you can just purchase the washers while at the hardware store when you go to buy to the wood and products needed for the boxes.  If you have a handy person around, or you are handy at wood working, then you will want to go to the DIY section of this site to read step by step how to make it.

If you are going to be purchasing a washer toss game, just like many other items in life, you get what you pay for.  In my class, there were cheaper ones that had been bought for students to use and with repeated use, they broke down, got chipped easily and didn’t hold up.  So I would recommend going a little bit higher and picking one that is made of good quality wood and sturdy connection of the inside cup. I would recommend the set pictured, it is made by GSE Games & Sports Exports.


Stay posted, I will do another post on that version.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you prefer this washer toss game or three hole washer toss.

Have a great day playing and stay active.







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