Top 10 Best New Backyard Games for this Summer


These backyard games are great fun to be played on the lawn, beach, and other soft surfaces. Where all of them can be purchased, you can also make some of them as your own diy projects. The rules, scoring, videos of how to play, and images are provided to help you decide if this game is right for your family.

I think you will find that through the research, these are games that will provide endless entertainment with kids, teens, and adults. So read up on what are the best games to play with those people who are important enough to enjoy life activities with and then go out and have fun playing.

1. Giant Yard Dice for Yardzee or Yardkle

With these large dice, and the bucket to put them in when preparing to roll them, you can play numerous games in your backyard. If you can play them with regular dice, you can play them with these large ones and still get outside for fresh air, exercise and sunshine.

Yard Dice with collapsable bucket

To play Yardzee it would be just like playing regular Yahtzee, when you roll you are trying to get one of the 13 categories. Those categories are; how many dice you can roll of one number(1’s,2’s,3’s…), straights, full house, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind or YAHTZEE(5 of a kind). You keep score on the sheet and the person with the most points when the two sections are added up, WINS!

Yardkle is the yard version of Farkle. In the effort to be the first player to score 10,000 points or more, a player rolls all six dice at a time and gets points for certain combinations. A “Yardkle” occurs when a player has rolled the dice and did not get any points, so it becomes the next players turn to roll. If you roll and get at least one scoring die, you may either record those points and be done with your turn, or you can put those die aside and roll again to get another score. If you do not get a score on any of your rolls during that turn, you lose all the points from that round and pass the dice to the next player.

Scoring the dice in a single roll are:

  • Single 1 spot = 100 points
  • Single 5 spot = 50 points
  • Three of a kind of 1 spots = 1000 points
  • Three of a kind of 2 spots = 200 points
  • Three of a kind of 3 spots = 300 points
  • Three of a kind of 4 spots = 400 points
  • Three of a kind of 5 spots = 500 points
  • Three of a kind of 6 spots = 600 points
  • Three pairs = 750 points
  • Straight (1,2,3,4,5,6) = 1500 points
  • Two triplets = 2500 points
  • Three Yardkles in a row lose 1000 points


2. Flickin’ Chicken

Flickin' Chickin
image of Flickin’ Chickin


My nephew playing Flickin’ Chicken

This game involves throwing a disc and then aiming for it with the rubber chickens. The disc can be thrown as far as you want, and when it lands it will have one of two sides up. One side is a bonus side(-1) and the other is a penalty side(+1).

Everyone will flick or throw their chicken until it is on the disc. They should each keep track of how many throws it took to get their chicken on the disc, they do this for 9 rounds and then total up their score to see who won. After each round, the person with the lowest score gets to throw the disc.

For 2-4 players. Ages 6+


3. Giant Bowling Set for the kiddos

Inflatable Giant Bowling Set
image of Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

Large 27” ten pins with ball included in set. Set up the pins and let your young kiddos practice bowling in the backyard.

4. Beer Pong Golf

Beer Pong Golf
Beer Pong Golf Equipment

The Beer Pong Golf boards are set up anywhere from 6’-15’ apart, and then put cups in the holes on the board. The game can be played one on one or with teams. If playing teams, each player gets a chance to make a shot by hitting the whiffle ball with a golf wedge aiming for the cups. If playing singles, each player gets two chances to make a shot. You will get the ball back if two consecutive shots are made. The ball may bounce on the way to the board.

The winner is decided by which team has the least cups left on the board after the designated time has passed, which is usually around 30 minutes, or when a team gets all the cups. If there would still be a tie after the time or cups are earned, three more cups will be put on the board and they will have five minutes to win. No cup is put in the very front hole.

This Beer Pong Golf set is portable to be put up in the backyard or take along tailgating at your favorite sporting event. (However, I don’t recommend you taking it to the little league game or to a kids game)

The cups and clubs are not included in the set, so you will either need to use ones that you have or purchase separately what you will need. Here is a video to watch about Beer Pong Golf.

5. Spikeball

Spikeball Net, Game and Ball

Spikeball is one that I will make a whole post on so you get the complete details and rules. This backyard game is one to play on the beach, lawn or gymnasium. It soared in popularity after being seen on Shark Tank.

You serve the ball overhand like in volleyball, but you serve down at the hula hoop shaped net that is only about 8” off the ground. The opponent receives it and the team of two have three changes to hit the ball back to the net. Once the serve is put into play, there are no boundaries. If a team is not able to return the ball back to the net according to the rules, the other team gets a point. Play to 21 points. With experience, you get great action from this game.

6. Connect Four

Boy playing Connect 4

The trend seems to be to take indoor games and enlarge them to play outside. This is another example of just that, with the outside game of Connect Four, it is played just like the small version but now you get to be outside playing.

Two or more players drop the round plastic coins in from the top of the board alternating turns trying to get 4 in a row. Join four of your color of coins in a row in any direction to win! The game is quickly reset by sliding out the wooden bar at the bottom to get all the plastic coins back out.

Steps to build your own connect four as seen on Home Depot’s Site.

7. Ring Toss Games For Kids

ring toss game
Image of Ring Toss Game

This game can be played with 2-4 players. Players take turn alternating a chance to throw their rings at the game that is set between 10’-15’ away. Points are added up and those rings that bounce off do not count. The point values are 1, 5, 15, and 20 with the center ring being worth 25 points.

You can play short games by tallying up the score after each round and decide on a winner or pick a score to go to, such as 100, 200 or all the way up to 500 points.

This is a great game for kids to work on eye hand coordination, addition and sportsmanship. Easy to set up as seen in this video.

8. Bucketball Beach Edition

Bucketball Beach Edition
Two girls playing Bucketball Beach Edition

This is a large version of beer pong without the beer. A great game for any age and even though it is considered as the beach edition, it could be used on grass or any other surface as well.

The buckets are set up anywhere from 10-25 feet apart. Teams are made up of 2-4 players, and teammates stand on the same side of the court. Decide which person or team will go first by rock, paper, scissors or a toss off to see who gets a ball in the bucket first.

Bucketball Set Up
How to set up Bucketball

Each player on the teams throw one ball and if the ball goes into the bucket, the bucket is taken away. Only one time during the game is a team allowed to re-rack or reposition the remaining buckets. As soon as one team eliminates all their opponents buckets, they win the game!

The set is ideal for at the beach and packs up to be very compact to make transporting it easier, because it comes with a tote bag to carry it in.

9. Jazzminton Deluxe LED 3 in 1 Paddle Game

Jazzminton set and all items included

This game is unlike others in that there is no net and really not any rules. This fun game is similar to a combination of badminton, ping pong and tennis. The LED lite birdies can be hit to play slow or fast, so it keeps you moving at the rate you want to move. You can stand any distance apart as long as you can keep it in motion, so it is appropriate for any age.

This is one that could be played indoors since the birdies are lightweight and won’t break anything. This video shows how it is used

10. Rocket Copters: Slingshot LED Helicopters

Rocket Copters
image of Rocket Copters

Kids will love these light up rockets that turn into helicopters and fly as high as 120 feet into the night sky from the slingshot.

Be careful to not let them hit the hard ground, this will keep them working longer. You will also want to purchase extra rubber bands. Make sure young children are protected from the falling helicopter.

On a nice summer day…

Take your pick of one of these outside backyard games, gather up family and or friends and have fun making memories and stay active.

If there is another outside activity that you think should be on the list, be sure to leave me a comment.




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10 Thoughts to “Top 10 Best New Backyard Games for this Summer”

  1. Some great outdoor games. I have heard of some of these, but not the others. I may have to try Flickin Chicken, and of course, Beer Pong Golf. I will bookmark this site so I can tell friends about it, and so I can come back when I am in the market again for an outdoor game. Thanks for listing these.

    1. Keri

      Thanks Tom,
      I will constantly be adding more outdoor games and the rules that go with them.

  2. Craig

    Quick question for you on Spikeball. Is it really possible to play it with only two people, or does it pretty much require 4 people to play? I’ve seen people playing it outside here and there but sometimes it is hard to round up 3 additional people once you’re in your 30s…

    And by the way, I’m not so sure about that Bucketball game. It looks highly suspect to me. It seems to me like a copy of beer pong made much larger for children…

    1. Keri

      Hi Craig,
      Spikeball is designed to be played with four people, 2-on-2, but for many people starting out they may need to practice the skills. So if it is a matter of working on skills and getting experience with the game, you could play 1-on-1, but usually it will be with two teams of two. You are right about the Bucketball game, it is like a large version of beer pong, and although any age can play it, it is appropriate for children because you just add water to the buckets and play.

  3. Beer pong golf and Connect 4 for me. I loved playing Connect 4 as a kid, and Beer Pong Golf is certainly an interesting twist. Where did you come across it?

    1. Keri

      Hi William,
      One of my students had told me about it once and so I did some research on it and found out how popular it is. It is amazing what teenagers will tell you about when you are teaching them.


  4. Mark Bailey

    Wow some really interesting games. my daughters are 12 and 14 and when not on their laptops love being in the garden. At the minute badminton is a big favourite of ours, so the Jazzminton looks good, and worth a try.
    I think they would like the flickin’ chicken game as well. Have bookmarked for future.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Keri

      Thanks Mark,
      I love racquet sports, and badminton is one of my favorite, whether playing it outdoors or indoors. I think your girls would like the Jazzminton because it is very similar to badminton. Most kids are drawn to Flickin’ Chicken because of the rubber chickens, so yes, keep that game in mind as well. Also, they both pack easily if you are going somewhere that the girls may need something to keep them busy.


  5. School is out and summer is here. Time for games with the family. But hey, where’s the Giant Jenga or Outdoor twister on the list?

    1. Keri

      Hi Dexter,
      Both great games and I will be covering both of them how to make or set up the outdoor twister. I will be doing the outdoor twister with a summer school class and taking pictures to include. Keep watching for new games.


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