Scrumptious Butterfinger Ice Cream Cake

Here in Wisconsin we are currently suffering through winter weather with wind chill factors around -47 degrees, so who would even think about making an ice cream cake? Well, it is amazing what we will do for our children. My oldest daughter had a birthday celebration coming up and I asked what kind of cake she wanted. Her answer, ice cream cake. When I asked her what kind of candy she wanted in it, she said “Butterfingers”. Well, that is one of my favorite candy bars, so I was ‘all in’ to come up with a cake she would love. Plus, she got her love of ice cream from her mother so I am always ready for a good treat.

Not exactly a tailgate food, but…

Since I haven’t been playing many lawn games in this kind of weather, I decided to share this delicious Butterfingers Ice Cream Cake recipe with you. It wasn’t necessarily a quick recipe to make, but the end result was worth the time. Plus, I made a big pan of it, 10 x 14, but the recipe could be cut in half and made in a smaller pan like an 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 pan.

What type of crust is the best?

I started with an Oreo crust, because who doesn’t like Oreos and my daughter didn’t want brownies. I had thought about making a thin layer of brownie for the crust, but changed my mind. My KitchenAid food processor made it a quick job to grind up two sleeves or rows of Oreos very fine. Then melted the butter and mixed them together.

After I iframe style pressed the cookie crust into the bottom of the pan, I spread the chocolate magic shell on top of the Oreo crust. With the magic shell, be sure to shake the bottle VERY thoroughly before trying to squeeze it out. Then take a spoon and spread it around. It doesn’t get hard right away because the Oreo crust is room temperature, so don’t feel like you will have to hurry to spread it out.

What to add next?

The next layer was chocolate ice cream that had been softened enough to use a spatula to get large flat chunks to lay on the crust. After the bottom was pretty well covered with chocolate ice cream, I gently spread the chocolate ice cream to fill in the gaps and make a solid layer. Right on top of the chocolate ice cream, I repeated the process with vanilla ice cream. Although the recipe list below requires 1.5 of each quarts of each type of ice cream, I didn’t use the entire container.

On top of the vanilla ice cream came a solid layer of hot fudge and on top of the hot fudge I sprinkled the ground up Butterfingers. The food processor came in handy again to chop up about 18 bite-sized Butterfingers.

Can I just keep adding layers?

My imagination was running wild about how many layers to make the cake and what needed to be added to give it the right texture and taste. Although I thought about adding more layers, I decided to finish with the Cool Whip and more Butterfingers.

So finally, I used a 12 ounce Cool Whip to top off the final layer of cake. Then topped it off with Butterfingers crumbs across the entire top and four bite sized candy bars that were broke in half used to garnish the top. I didn’t do this, but you could also drizzle chocolate syrup or hot fudge on top to give it an aesthetic appeal.


Here is what I used to make the recipe:


32 Oreo original cookies

5 Tbsp. Butter – melted

1 bottle of Smucker’s Magic Shell Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Topping

1.5 Quart Chocolate Ice Cream

1.5 Quart Vanilla Ice Cream

12 ounce Cool Whip

22 bite-sized Butterfingers candy bars

1 1/2 jar of Hot Fudge

How to Make:

Crush the cookies for the crust, then after melting the 5 tbsp of butter, mix them together.  Pat down on to bottom of pan.

Pour the Magic Shell chocolate over the crust and then start with the chocolate ice cream and cover the entire crust.  Then put the vanilla ice cream over the chocolate ice cream.

Melt the hot fudge and then pour over the vanilla ice cream, and spread to even out.  Sprinkle Butterfinger crumbs over the hot fudge.

Spread the Cool Whip to top it off and sprinkle the top with Butterfinger crumbs.  Finally break the remaining 4 or 5 bite sized Butterfingers in half and garnish the top with them.

Cover and put in freezer for at least 8 hours.

How long do you have to leave it in the freeze

After it was made, I covered the ice cream cake and put it in the freezer for six hours. I found that although it was solid, it could have been in the freezer longer. It was scrumptious, but the next day when we had another celebration, it was much better from being in the freezer for 24 hours. Most of the people at the party wanted the recipe, which prompted me to posting on this blog.

Needless to say, my daughter also enjoyed the birthday treat and took about five pieces home with her when she left from her weekend back home. Even though I made it in the middle of winter, I know it would be good at any time of the year.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know in the comment area below how you would make it even better. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.





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8 Thoughts to “Scrumptious Butterfinger Ice Cream Cake”

  1. Ben

    Oh my god that looks good! I’m doing a 24+ hour fast right now so this is probably not the thing to read late at night when hungry!! XD

    I hear you about the weather. Was very cold here in NY but today it hit 60! O_O

    I LOVE that you made a custom dessert based on what someone else wanted. I don’t envy the time commitment of cooking/baking/etc but I love getting good food. That’s both nice and creative of you that you were able to do that, well done!

    I like the tips you sprinkle throughout, and not just the ingredients. Always fun to combine Oreo’s with ice cream.

    Thanks, now I’m really looking forward to breaking my fast tomorrow morning! 😀

    1. Ben,
      I just recently did a three day cleanse and know that it makes it challenging to see and smell good food while going through those days without food. Good luck with your fast.

      My daughter really appreciated it and to me, that always makes it worth the effort.

      Thanks for the comments!


  2. I’ll start by saying my two favorite treats; ice cream and Oreos. Favorite candy- Butterfingers. This has a high chance of being made in my house before the week is over. Have you tried making the recipe with homemade ice cream?Thank you for sharing this recipe and hopefully the weather starts to warm up!!

    1. Veronica,
      I did think about making my own homemade ice cream to use in this recipe. I had even bought the heavy cream and other ingredients but didn’t have the insert frozen, so I went with store bought. I love my Cuisinart Ice Cream maker and will have to use it next time I make this. Making homemade ice cream is one of the favorite things the grandchildren like to do when they come over. If you make it, let me know how it turns out and ask if you have any questions.

  3. Bob

    My mouth is watering as I write this! Going to buy the ingredients tomorrow and I will be making this! Thanks for posting!

    1. Enjoy it, let me know if you have any questions while making it. If you have a candy bar that you enjoy more than Butterfingers, you could always replace with those. But I will say, it was delicious with the Butterfingers.

  4. My mouth is watering!
    This sounds like an awesome desert and looks amazing. We love Butterfingers! I’ll have to try making this one day in the near future.
    If you keep eating foods like that, come Spring time, you’ll need to play extra hard outside to rid those extra calories! LOL
    Thanks for sharing. This would make a great birthday cake for my boyfriend. He’ll be totally surprised because he loves both ice cream and Butterfingers.
    Try to stay warm,

    1. I hope he loves his Butterfinger Ice Cream cake. You are right, keep moving and play hard!

      Thanks for the comment

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