Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’, keep those discs a rollin’: Playing Rollors Lawngame





The game of Rollors is a combination of Bocce ball, bowling and horseshoes.  It is a simple game that has very few rules and is suitable for ages 4-100+. As the name implies, you roll the discs toward the goal and score the points.  Rollors is an outdoor game that easily travels, takes very little time to set up and can be played on most soft surfaces. It is played with two teams of two players.



How to set up the game of Rollors

When I bought the game of Rollors and opened it up, I was surprised how brief the directions were, in fact, it was kind of confusing not having enough details.  The first thing you do is unpack the pieces which consists of two goals and 6 rollors also called discs (3 red rollors and 3 blue rollors) which have numbers on each side of the discs.  Each disc has two different numbers from 1-6 and they are different numbers on each disc. There is a diagram that shows to place the goals 25 feet apart, but you could certainly change that if young children need them closer.


How to Play

As mentioned above, there are two teams of two people, however you could also play as singles.  Teammates are opposite each other by the goals. By one goal both opponents have their respective color of rollors.  They alternate rolling the games wooden discs until all six have been rolled. Then the closest disc color scores points. After the points are decided, the other two opponents roll the discs from the other goal back in the direction of the first two who had rolled.  The discs must be rolled underhand, not thrown.


How to Score Points



Points will be determined by the team who get their disc(s) closest to the goal that are within five feet, but the points will vary according to how the disc rests.

  • If the closest disc is touching the goal, the score is 2x the number showing.
  • If the closest disc is standing on edge, it is the sum of both sides.
  • If the closest disc is lying flat, the number showing is the score.

If the opponents discs are difficult to determine which color is closest, or to determine if they are within five feet, the game provides a measuring cord that is attached to the top of each goal.



Other Rules



  • The game is played to 21 points, but I only learned that after I watched the video that I have below.
  • Also, I was under the impression that only one disc would score, but if the team that has the closest disc has other discs within five feet, they get to count all of them.
  • When rolling the discs do not step past the front of the goal that you are standing by.





Should You Buy the Game of Rollors?


I like the game of rollors and as I stated earlier, it is a simple game that can be played by anyone.  It is made of quality wood that is durable and sturdy and I really like that it comes with a nice carrying case and is a simple game.  Don’t get me wrong, it may be a challenge to score points at times, but the fact that there are not many rules is what I mean when I say it is a simple game.

When I introduced the game to my high school students they seemed to enjoy it and stayed on task for the entire class period.  I will be taking this game to our family reunion this weekend and will include pictures from that.

Overall I would say, YES, it is worth purchasing and enjoying the time playing.  So get rollin’ and have fun playing Rollors.

The game of Rollors is sold at many different stores such as sporting goods and camping like Camping World, REI Gander Outdoors and such. It’s also online in Amazon, Wayfair, Target and Walmart. The button below will take you to Amazon so you can buy yours and be playing it within a few short days.

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