Paddlezlam: What is this new great paddle game?

Paddlezlam is a rather new game when it comes to backyard, beach games. When I watched the video, I was convinced that I had to get a set and start playing soon. My first impression was that it was similar to Kanjam, and it is, but still different since it is a paddle game with different shape cones and has more movement. It is a very active, engaging game that can be played with 2 people, but more often you will play it 4 people making up 2 teams.

Once you read the rules here and watch the video, the only left to do will be to order your own game and find people to play with you. You will love it!

The Game of Paddlezlam

The team members would stand opposite each other by the two cones, which are set up between 20-25 feet apart. Each member has their own paddle. The ball, which is a pickleball or whiffle ball, is put into play from the front of the cone and can be done underhand or overhand.

The overall goal of the game is to score exactly 21 points by hitting the ball into or against the cone.

When playing teams, each player from the team gets a chance to score. The points can be awarded whether you hit the cone or get it into the cone with the ball being assisted by your teammate, directly hit the cone or get it into the cone by yourself or perform a paddle pass.

A paddle pass occurs when a server calls “Paddle Pass”, they serve the ball, their partner hits the ball up in the air and as they run in from the serve they “ZLAM” the ball into the hole of the cone.

When there have been equal turns by each team, and a team scores exactly 21 points, they are the winners. However, if they go over 21 points, all points from that round will be subtracted from their previous score.

Here are the methods of scoring in Paddlezlam:

1 point scored when a partner serves the ball and their partner assists the ball to hit anywhere on the cone.

2 points scored when you hit your partners serve into the top hole of the cone or your partner serves it directly hits the cone.

3 points scored by one of three ways;

  • Assisted shot into the front hole of the cone
  • Direct shot from the server into the hole on the top of the cone
  • Paddle Pass that hits the cone

5 points scored when a Paddle Pass goes into the top hole of the cone

Automatic win occurs when the server directly hits a serve into the front hole of the cone and wins the game instantly.

Wipe out takes all your opponents points away when you hit a Paddle Pass into the front hole of the cone.

Paddlezlam game

In Conclusion

So if you enjoy playing lawn games, beach games, paddle games, or trying something new, you will find that this is the game for you. It includes skill with motion and will certainly get you moving. Purchase yours today and find those family members or friends who are willing to learn a new game with you, or better yet host a fun gathering and start playing.  Be sure not to be fooled by knock-offs that appear to the be the same game in a picture, usually they are cheaply made and not as sturdy.  They cones tend to be very thin and withstand the use from playing the game, plus you won’t get the extra ball and the carrying bag to store them in.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you like it.






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4 Thoughts to “Paddlezlam: What is this new great paddle game?”

  1. Great new game to be honest I have never heard of it before .but I like the idea of having fun and staying active with family playing this intriguing game at the beach or picnics

    1. Thanks Nigel, There are so many great lawn games out there to play with family and friends. Some of them are the good old standbys that people have been playing for years and some are relatively new. I will continue to post about both categories. Have fun and stay active.


  2. This looks like fun and can be competitive. I love competition hahaha. I like how teamwork is engaged here. I will be looking to find where o get this for our next beach trip. Wish we had a backyard haha.
    Thank you, Keri, for this addition to outdoor games.

    1. Edmond, There definitely is teamwork in many of these lawn games, especially Paddlezlam.
      I will be putting links in soon so that if a person wants to know where to purchase it, the site will lead them to it.
      Thanks for the comment.


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