How to Play Spikeball: With Video


Have you heard of Spikeball? Do you play Spikeball? Spikeball was seen on Shark Tank a few years back and has been growing like crazy since then. The rules are similar to volleyball on a different kind of net. Many times when people first see the net, they think it is a trampoline, but I would highly recommend you don’t jump on it. It is typically played outdoors and can be set up on the lawn, beach, or any even ground.


Set up the game

Once assembled from the box, be sure that the net is an even tension across the frame and that the ball is inflated to a 12-inch circumference. Then set it up somewhere that allows you room to move.


There are two teams, each with two players. If there was a circle drawn around the net, one team would be spread out on half the court and the other two opponents on the other half. Once the ball is in play, the four players may move anywhere.

2 vs 2


  • The serving team’s first servers stands 6’ away and tosses the ball up (minimum of 2″ toss) and hits it down toward the net.

    Spikeball serve
  • The receiving team can either hit it back down on the net, or hit it up to their partner.
  • The teams are each allowed three hits per team possession. Like in volleyball, you are not allowed to hit the ball two times in a row. When the ball hits the net, possession changes to the other team.
  • Play goes one with these hits until one team has an error.
  • Errors can occur when a ball misses the net, the ball bounces twice on the net, someone has a carry or double hit, rim shot occurs, etc.
  • The ball may only be hit with one hand.

    Playing the Spikeball one handed.
  • Games are played to 21 points and must win by 2 points
  • Like volleyball, you use rally scoring, so there is a point awarded after every volley. You do not have to be serving to earn a point.
  • The ball must hit the net and not any part of the rim. This would be called a “rim shot” and when it happens, the team not responsible for hitting the rim earns a point.
  • Once the ball is served, players may move around the Spikeball net, but must return to their starting spot when the ball is “dead” or play has stopped.
  • The serving order alternates between teams and players. (A1, B1, A2, B2)
  • The server needs to be straight across from the receiver and that receiver MUST be the teammate to make the initial play off the serve.
  • If you win a point while you are serving, you and your teammate must change places so you now serve to the other defensive player(opponent).  The defense does not switch, just the serving team.
  • If the server serves two faults during their time of service, the point goes to the opponent, as well as the serve.
  • Players may use anybody part to contact the ball, as long as it is only ONE body part contacting it.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

When new to the game, take a time period to practice serving and returning the ball without keeping score. Practice passing the ball one handed to a teammate and using the three hits before hitting back down to the net. Get used to how the ball bounces and using only one hand with your hits.

Players want to be ready to move and change direction quickly. Try to use the strategy to get your opponent out of position and vary up how many hits you used to spike it down on the net, as well as how hard you hit it off the net.

Quickness and agility helps a player

I love Spikeball’s easy way to remember…

…a few basic concepts about the game:

4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Meaning:

4 players play the game

3 hits are allowed

2 teams play against each other

1 ball is used

0 boundaries or lines




Some people learn better by reading and others learn from watching. Here is a video to watch about how Spikeball is played.

This game allows for movement, agility and skill that most people will need to acquire. As you try it for the first time, don’t be frustrated if you need improvement. Find three other people who like to “get into” their games, and have a blast playing it.

Having fun playing Spikeball

If you play and still have any questions, feel free to contact me through the comments area below. I will try to respond within 24 hours.

Stay active and have fun.

Spikeball Players





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