DIY Disc Bonk Game

On a previous post I explained how to play Disc Bonk and what the rules and scoring are. Here I will give you instructions of how to make your own disc bonk standards so you can play anywhere you can take them.

You will need these supplies:

1 –  8’ x 6” x 2” board

1 – 10’ PVC pipe

8 wood screws

Wood glue

Lubricant or Vaseline

You will need this equipment:

Chop saw

Saw with dado blade


Power drill

Rubber mallet

The cost will be:

PVC is $5.00

Wood is $10.00

Screws $1.00

Total Cost is around $16.00

If you happen to have scrap pieces of wood, you could cut that cost significantly. Most people who work with wood and make things would have the wood glue, so I did not include it in the price. If wood glue needs to be bought for this project, the cost for the wood glue would add about $3-$4 which would make the total cost right around $20

Steps to make the Disk Bonk Standards

Cut the board into 4 pieces, each piece 20” long. You can use a chop saw for this

Cut the PVC pipe in half, each piece 5’ long. You can use the chop saw for this as well.

Using Chop Saw to cut PVC pipe


Measure and mark the midpoint of each board and then measure out from the middle 3” in each direction. Draw a line at each side of those measurements. This will give you a 6” area that is marked to be cut out.

Use a Radial Arm Saw with a dado blade to make the dado joint. That means that you will set the depth to one half of the height of the 20” x 6” x 2” board to cut out 1 inch of the board spanning over that middle 6” of each board. When the wood is removed from that area on each board, they will then fit together to make a flat base.

Making a dado joint.


We then glued the boards together and also screwed them together to make sure they would hold.

Dado joint glued and screwed with hole drilled in the middle.


Then measure the exact middle of the boards that have been connected and cut a hole to put the PVC into. We used a forstner bit, but you could use a hole saw. Since our PVC was 1 ¼”, which is the inside measurement, we used a 1 ⅝” forstner bit to sink the hole into the wood base.

We gently sanded one end of the PVC pole to be able to insert it into the hole that was drilled into the base. We sanded about 2 inches up the pole at a gradual slant so it would go into the hole. We then sprayed the ends with a lubricant so that it would go into the hole. You could use Vaseline instead of the spray lubricant whatever you have available.

Spray lubricant to get the sanded end of the PVC into the bases hole.


Once the PVC pipe was pushed into the hole, we took a rubber mallet and hit it so that it went all the way in.

Using rubber mallet to get PVC pipe all the way into the base.


Are there other options of how to play?

In my post about how to play disc bonk I talk about how we play in class and that we put a ball on top of the pole and have to try to catch the frisbee and the ball. However, many adults who saw these standards were excited because of the adult version of the game. Instead of balancing a ball on top, they balance a beer on top and have to catch the beer. Some call it beersbee, others call it beer frisbee game. Whatever you call it, the rules are basically the same no matter what you put on top of the pole.

Playing disc bonk at the Community Tiger Tailgate Lawn Game Night.

Do you have a better idea?

There are always different ways that people would do things, so if you have a question or a better idea for any of the steps we followed, please leave me a message in the comment area below. I would be happy to answer or take your suggestions into consideration.

Stay active and have fun!





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