Disc Bonk: Are You Ready to Get “Bonked”?


Disc bonk is a lawn game played with teams of 2, against another team of 2. It is a combination of throwing, catching, and aiming, while trying to knock the ball off the top of the pole. By aiming and hitting the pole to “bonk” the ball off the top, an opponent needs to focus on catching the disc and the ball without letting either touch the ground. If either the ball or disc hit the ground, points are awarded, with the objective to score 21 points.

Some people refer to the game as Disc Toss Game. The pictures you see in this post are how we play it in class at school, with the adaptation of using poles and a ball on top.

throwing the disc/frisbee at the far pole

Basic Rules:

  • The standards holding the poles may be placed as far as apart as desired, but a recommendation is 20’ apart.
  • 1 player from each team will stand at opposite poles
  • The front of the pole is the foul line and players may not go ahead of this line to throw or catch the disc.
  • Team A Player 1 will throw first, then Team B Player 1 throws, then it goes to Team A Player 2, then Team B Player 2 throws.
  • All throws must be catchable by the opposing team.
  • The objective for each throw is to knock the ball off the top of the pole
  • When one team throws towards the pole the opponent attempts to catch the disc. If the ball is hit or the pole and the ball falls, the opponent tries to catch both the disc and the ball.
  • The score is tallied after each throw
  • An opponent may not interfere with the throw or deflection and may not reach in front of the pole to catch the disc.
  • She had to go low to catch it, but it was a catchable throw.


These points can be earned by either the throwing or receiving teams.

1 point is awarded for: Throwers when the disc is catchable but the receivers let it hit the ground

1 point is awarded for: Receivers when they catch a disc.

3 points are awarded for: Throwers when the ball hits the ground. This may be due to directly hitting the ball or the pole.

4 points are awarded for: Throwers when BOTH the ball and the catchable disc hit the ground

Fouls such as catching the disc in front of the pole or interference results in 1 point for the other team.

The first team to 21 points wins, as long as the innings were even.

Go point of release towards the pole is important.

Equipment Needed:

equipment needed, times 2 with standard and ball.

1 disc or frisbee

2 poles between 40” – 60” high with a base or a way to allow them to stand up

2 balls-that will balance on top of the pole.

How to make your own disc bonk:

You could build your own poles out of heavy-duty PVC piping, or use a pole that you may have that is about 4-5’ tall. Be sure to have a solid base that will not allow the pole to tip over when hit by the disc. In my classes, we have some standards that have a pipe coming up out of a base, which works great for playing in my Physical Education classes.

I have seen families play this game and they just took a pole and stuck it in the ground, so no base needed in that case.


If you hit the ball off the top of the pole, the disc may not be deemed uncatchable due to the height. So you may want to aim for the pole to dislodge the ball. This also causes the disc to ricochet off the pole and be unpredictable to catch.

The disc/frisbee “bonked” the pole and the ball is falling while the disc bounces off, making it difficult to catch.

Put a little “zip” on the throw of the disc so that if it hits the pole it is hard enough to have the ball fall and also so it is more challenging for your opponent to catch.

If the ball and the disc both need to be caught, catch the ball first because it is worth 3 for your opponent if it hits the ground, where the disc is only work 1 point.

This is a game that has a variety of settings to play it. Disc Bonk can be for the backyard, beach or even at school for Physical Education classes. It has twists that allow it to be suitable for adults only where they put a can of beer on top of the pole instead of the ball, and if the beer falls they have to catch it and drink it. Or can be played by any age person who are able to throw a frisbee or disc.


Set a ball on top of a cone or garbage can and play the game.

Disc Bonk can be played outdoors or indoors if you have the space.

Adults may choose to replace the ball with an “adult beverage”, in which case you will need a flat surface at the top of the pole.

You could put both teammates at the same pole and they work together to catch the frisbee and the ball. This may be a suitable modification for young or new players.

So in conclusion, you will find this game to be fun for any age and fairly easy to set up with minimal equipment.

Get out and have fun, while staying active.

catching the disc to earn a point.





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