Community Lawn Game Night

Our small community is always looking for ways to bring the people together to have family fun activities to do. This fall we started our first community lawn game night. It was small for the first year, but we anticipate it getting larger each year.


What was offered?

View to the left of the field used.



The decision was made to host it before one of the high school football games on the field just behind the stadium, so we could appeal to students, families, community members as well as anyone coming to watch the game. We set up 12 different lawn games: Spikeball, KanJam, Yard Dice, Cornhole, Ladder Toss, BulziBucket, RampShot, Bocce Ball, Washer Toss, Paddlezlam, Croquet, and Disc Bonk and ran it for two hours before the high school football game started. Since we are the “Tigers” we called it a Tiger Tailgate Lawn Game Night.

A young boy learning how to play BulziBucket.



But how do we play?

A few of the middle school students learning the moves needed to play Paddlezlam.



The rules of the games were posted at each game site. For many of the lawn games, we had multiple sets up and running. Although many of the games were new to some community members, most of the games got used at some point. However, I found that the older, more familiar games, such as ladder toss, cornhole and KanJam were the most popular to play. There were people of all ages participating. It was great to see young people being active and learning new games as well as families enjoying the time together on a beautiful evening.

It was great to see the families come out and spend quality time together while supporting the event.

We anticipated those in attendance may not know how to play games like BulziBucket, RampShot, Paddlezlam and Disc Bonk so we arranged to have some high school students there to show people how to play all the lawn games. Most of the student helpers have played all the lawn games in their Life Sports class and knew the rules. It also helped to have them there drawing the people in since many of them were playing the games until others came and then they helped them learn the rules.


Getting businesses involved

The vendors added to making the event successful.



Many came and had their supper from the food truck or the concession stand.

In our community businesses are often asked to financially support and sponsor events, so instead of asking for money from the community businesses, we asked if they wanted to set up a table and promote their business. Being present at the event enabled them to be visible and make money for their own profit. This was successful and we were able to have a booth selling their popular pies and desserts, a food truck selling their products, a few apparel booths, and a stand to raffle off prizes.

Raffle tickets were for sale.

We hosted a small raffle table where the tickets sold for $1 each for a chance to win one of the items. The raffle included a homemade cornhole game, a set of yard dice, a certificate for a piece of pie, a few t-shirts and a Green Bay Packer purse made by one of the vendors. The idea was not to make money on the raffle for the first year, just to get people involved and get a few yard games into their possession.



Promoting the event

This is the flyer we hung around town at the businesses.


This event was easy enough that any community could do something like this to get people out and moving. It needs to be publicized so community members know about. We had it posted on our cities Facebook page, on marquees, sent a letter home with the elementary children from school, made announcements at the high school and hung posters around town at the local businesses. I highly recommend getting your Physical Education teachers involved and contact local businesses, as well as parents who would have some pull in helping organize and get the word out. Our football team parents were excited for the publicity before the game and helped promote the event as well.


In Conclusion

I love to see people out enjoying time together with family and friends. I also like to see kids of all ages outside moving instead of sitting around the house. This event introduced some new lawn games to community members and got them playing and laughing. I am already looking forward to hosting the event again next year. I hope you will consider hosting something like this in your hometown. If you have ideas of how to make this event even better, or if you have attended a similar event, I would love to hear from you down in the comments’ area. Thanks for reading.

Have an active day.

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