CanPin Rules: A New Backyard Game


Now here is a brand new game, CanPin, you could be the first person in your area to have one. Be a trendsetter and lead the pack with this new, fun game. It is a combination of horseshoes and ring toss.

Once you have your game, it will take just a couple of minutes to assemble it, place one game board down and then pace out 15 feet and set the other game board down.

How the setup of the game would look

How do you play CanPin?

CanPin can be played with 2 people, 1 on 1, or as more typically played, two teams made up of 2 players each. Where many toss games place partners at opposite ends, CanPin has both players from the same team standing at the same game board and the other team standing at the other game board. Each team will have one hoop.

Game of CanPin setup to play

The object of the game is to score 21 points before your opponent does, by tossing your hoop over the pins on the game board, without knocking the can over that is positioned on the center pin.

The first player on one team tosses their hoop toward the opposite game board to land over the pins, but remember they don’t want to knock the center can over. The first player from the other team tosses their hoop toward the opposite game board as well. They then assess the number of points that each team scored. I will talk about how to score in moment.

The second player from each team will then throw their hoop to the opposite game board from where they are standing. This process will continue through the rounds until one team accumulates 21 points.

How do you Score Points?

Pin points are the points that a team earns by having their hoop around those particular pins. There is a maximum of five pin points with each throw, four are around the outside and there is the middle CanPin. The scoring element includes cancellation of equal pin points between opponents.

When a player knocks over the center can with the toss of their hoop, the opponent is awarded one instant free can point, these can points are not subject to cancellation and are separate from pin points. With the toss of the hoop that knocks over the can, that pin point in the center is still a pin point if it is within the hoop.

NOTE: A team with 20 points can win the game with a single can point, regardless of the number of possible pins within their opponents hoop.

As mentioned above, the game is played to 21 points or more, using the point cancellation scoring method. If Team “A” gets their hoop over 3 pins and Team “B” gets their hoop over 1 pin, Team “A” will earn the difference, which is 2 points. The pin points are totaled each round and added on to the teams running score. The winning team does not have to win by two or more points, they just have to reach 21 points first.


So what comes with the game?

The game comes with two weighted game boards with ten removable pins/stakes, 2 cans with koozies, 2 weighted hoops, and a carrying case with a strap.

What variations can be made to the game?

If you decide to put an unopened beverage of your choice in place of the wood “cans”, it should be decided ahead of time if the winner or the loser will have to drink the dented up can. You can look at it as a victory drink or a losers reward, or a punishment since the drink is probably warm and shaken up. However, you want to incorporate that into your rules can work.

Why haven’t I heard of this game and where can I buy it?

When I started this post, I mentioned this is a brand new game. You will want to check it out and be that friend or neighbor who introduces the game to your city.

Right now you can purchase CanPin at their site: or on Amazon

Get on board this train and have fun while staying active.  Let me know, by leaving a comment,  if you have played CanPin and what you think of the game.





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4 Thoughts to “CanPin Rules: A New Backyard Game”

  1. Keri,
    My family and I enjoy lawn games very much. We have a Chili cook off yearly. Your explanation of the Canpin games is very well done and the variations are awesome to keep it new and exciting as the weekend moves along!

    1. Thanks Tammy,
      Like I said in the post, this is a VERY new game and would be great addition to your Chili Cook Off event. Thanks for the comment and have a great day.


  2. Kahlua

    That looks like so much fun!!

    I love how easy to follow the instructions were.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Kahlua,
      I am glad that you felt the instructions were easy to follow and that it looks like fun. The whole purpose of the site is show new fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors in our own backyards. Keep coming back for new games and the rules.


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