BulziBucket: A Great Summer Game for Kids and Adults


This is the spot to learn BulziBucket rules, scoring, watch a video, and where to buy BulziBucket. We have it all. This 2 team, 4 person game is great to play in your backyard, at the beach or even in the pool since it floats. It can also be played with just 2 people.

BulziBucket is pronounced “bullseye” bucket, which means, the center of a target in sports. That makes sense since you ideally want to throw your bag into the center hole to score more points.

The creators of the game have combined some of our favorite lawn games to come up with this game. It takes the best of cornhole, hacky sack, beer pong and a small element of horseshoes and combines those skills/rules to come up with BulziBucket.

Getting Ready to Play:

  1. Pick your level area and set up the game
  2. Choose your teams and have teammates stand at opposite ends, about 12-15 feet apart.
  3. Decide on which color bags for each team
  4. Pick which variation of the game you want to play. Those variations will be explained below.
Playing BulziBucket

How to Play BulziBucket:

With partners opposite each other, players at one end start alternating the throws of the bags. Players may throw underhand, overhand or sidearm. Each team has 4 bags per round and one of those is called a “Bulzi” bag. The “bulzi” bag is marked with a green dot, it is thrown last and it is worth double points.

Points cancel each other out, so if Team A got 3 points and Team B got 9 points in a round, then the score would be 6 points for Team B. The game goes on until one team gets 21 points and wins by 2.

There is an imaginary line in front of each bucket that players need to stay behind when throwing.

Pick Your Way to Play: 3 Options

  1. all photos courtesy of BulziBucket.com

    Throw It In: The first option is to simply set up the game buckets and teams, then play with throwing the bags into the buckets and score points. Since there are three tiers of buckets, the scoring is 1 point for the bottom bucket, 2 points for the middle bucket and 3 points for the smaller Bulzibucket. This scoring is the same for each way to play.

  2. the action of assisting

    Assist It In: Everything is the same as Throw It In, but now you add the fact that your partner at the other end can kick the bag into the buckets. The rules do not allow their foot or body to be within the perimeter of the bucket, and any part of the body may be used, EXCEPT no hands may be used. You may not contact the bucket while assisting. If one of these violations occur, just remove the bag from the bucket and no points are scored.

  3. Hack It In: The partner opposite the thrower will receive the bag and use their hacky sack skills to hit it twice before the bag can go into the buckets. The throw should be in the direction of your partner and may NOT go directly into the bucket, it must be hacked in the bucket with a minimum of two contacts.
use body to hack the bag


As mentioned above, the scoring is 3, 2, 1 and double for “Bulzi” bag. The points are cancelled out during a round and the game is played to 21, win by 2.

The team who wins the round will have honors to throw first in the next round

The team who loses the game will start throwing the next game.


Review of BulziBucket:

BulziBucket is a fun, exciting game that really gets you involved. The distance and variations of how to play do allow for young and old, and doesn’t have to be played the same each time.

A game for all ages

The game is bigger than most people think and is made of a good quality plastic to stand up to time.

The game comes in a nice carrying back and is compact enough to carry around and take with you, although some have had trouble getting the game back into the bag.

There have been a few complaints on the number value stickers not staying on and difficulty with the clips to keep the buckets together.

The people who have made comments have said that it is a great game and that they like that you can play it in so many different settings and that it can be taken into the pool to play was a fantastic bonus.

Overall, I would recommend buying BulziBucket for any family gathering, picnic, beach day, camping trip or fun in the park event you have coming up. It presently comes in three different colors and as mentioned earlier, it can be played on land or in water.

If you have any questions about the game, BulziBucket, just leave a comment down below.  I love to hear from everyone.

Do your best to have fun and stay active.

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  1. Oh, this game looks like so much fun. I love to play games with my family, especially the grandchildren. I also watched the video. It looks energetic and fun. A nice way to play together. Thanks so much for this information.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you Wendi,
      Obviously, by the topic of my website, I love to play lawn games. I will soon have a link so people like you who think that it sounds like a good game for their family, will know where they can buy it. It is interesting you mentioned you enjoyed playing games with your grandchildren, because when I find these games those are some of the first people I think of also.
      Have a great day and thanks for reading the post.


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