Best of 2019 Outdoor Summer Games

According to an article in The Guardian, kids today spend only half the time outside playing that their parents did. Although many parents want their children to play outside more, it isn’t happening. A few decades ago, kids would go out and play many games that didn’t always require much or any money to be spent.  Here is a list of 20 top toys for kids to use while playing outside.


Kuxuan Inline Skates Adjustable for Kids, Girls Skates with All Wheels Light up

The light up wheels, the colors, the chance to have a pair of inline skates will make these a great gift for parents, grandparents or others to give any young girl. I would also suggest getting a helmet and some protective gear to avoid any injuries while they learn to skate. Hours of fun with these beauties.

Himal Collapsible Portable Corn Hole Boards with 8 Cornhole Bean Bags

This lightweight, portable bean bag toss or cornhole game is great for kids or families. It folds up into a small carrying case that allows you to take to picnics, parks, tailgating or any family gathering. It would be easy for the kids to set up and play in the backyard as well. It even comes with bean bags.

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Great stacking game for outside to be built on a flat surface. Be the last person to be able to pull a block and stack it back on top.


For Younger Children

Fubbles Bubbles

No spill bucket of bubbles, even when turned upside down.


Outdoor Exploration Kit

This Adventure Kit allows children to explore, play and learn at the same time. It is a great STEM toy.



Who doesn’t love unicorns? Here is the Unicorn Kids Play Tent with Tunnel, it even comes with a large ball pit.

This eleven and one half foot outdoor wonder will help develop their self-confidence, increases sensory skills and helps them adapt and learn

HearthSong Inflatable Land Roller

A great ways to have fun while getting exercise using the HeartSong Inflatable Land Roller.

Swurfer the Original Tree Swing with Skateboard Seat Design

At any playground you will see the popular old swing, well welcome to the new swing designed for soaring through the air like a surfer on the waves.

Swurfer is great for active play and since it supports up to 250 pounds, it can be used by kids or adults. It sets up easily and will provide for years of entertainment.

Hand Operated Drone

This is a hot craze, drones, and this can be your child’s first drone. They call him Scoot, and all the operator has to do is toss Scoot up in the air, when hands are raised in the air, the drone avoids the obstacle.

40″ Round Saucer Tree Swing for Kids

Great swing for all, it allows fun or relaxation. The company who makes this swing, Laegendary, also has an oval swing and a platform swing.

Flybar Pogo Ball for Kids, Trick Bounce Ball

This is a combination of the popular old versions of the Pogo stick and hopper ball. It allows for basic hopping or performing tricks.

Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets, 4 Rockets and Rocket Launcher

This award-winning product allows kids to stomp and launch the rockets by themselves, or challenge a friend to do it with them. It has the potential to go 200 feet in the air. So do your best to provide your kids a chance to get outside and run, jump and stomp to get these rockets high in the air.

Geospace The Original Pop ‘N Catch Game

Just launch and catch the ball is a great way for young kids to work on eye/hand coordination. They can pop and catch the ball on their own or give the second “popper” to a friend or sibling to play catch with.

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat

The great thing about this scooter is the age range to be used by. Since the seat can be adjusted or just plain removed, it can be used for kids from age 2 up to 14 years old, and the handlebars have four different available heights. With light up wheels, it adds a fun twist to riding the scooter.

Gbell Amazing 3D Dragon Kite

Vibrant colors and a cool dragon design, this kite will be a great activity for at a beach, in the backyard, at the park or wherever you have the air space.


Coolecool Hip-hop Dancing Goose Musical Electronic Interactive Toy

Get your younger ones up dancing and singing, this cool swing goose plays three different hip hop tunes and gets children moving. This dancing goose could be used indoors or outdoors.

Giant 4 in A Row, 4 to Score – Premium Wooden Four Connect Game Set

Connect with special people as you choose from one of the three sizes offered, and play outdoors for any event, or no particular event but day to day fun. This jumbo four-to-score game is made sturdy and is also water repellent.

Franklin Sports Youth Football Goal-Post Set

This smaller set of football goal posts comes with a football and tee. It is great for younger football enthusiasts who want to be outside working on basic football skills. It assembles easily and can quickly provide hours of fun working on kicking the football through the goal post.

Elite Sportz Equipment Ring Toss

This hookey toss game is great for all ages, adults or older children. This special set could be played indoors or outdoors and much safer than darts. It comes highly recommended by people who have purchased it.

iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set

This lightweight, carry anywhere, golf game set is great for kids ages 2-7 to learn how to hit a golf ball. It provides a super way for adults to spend quality time with young children and teach them how to play golf.

In Conclusion

I am a big advocate of getting children, teens and adults outside to move and get exercise while making memories. Above there is something for everyone who wants to buy some fun activities. Take a look and buy that someone special a gift that gets them out and moving.

Stay Active!

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