20 Best Chicken Wing Recipes: Just in Time for the Superbowl

It’s Football Season’s ultimate time of the year.

I love the anticipation of the football season as late summer approaches, but the Superbowl is ultimately the destination these teams work for. It is estimated that 103.4 million people will watch the Superbowl. I can’t think of a time that I gathered with family and friends to watch the Superbowl and didn’t have good food. This post will have not only the top recipes, but 20 different chicken wing recipes to choose from.

How much food is consumed???

According to USNews Superbowl fans will eat around 1.33 billion chicken wings as they celebrate the event. The amount of money spent on the buffet type finger food is astonishing. They estimate that,

  • $227 million will be spent on potato chips
  • $13 million on vegetable trays
  • $10 million on deli dips
  • $89 million on popcorn
  • $58 million on deli sandwiches

So with that in mind, get out your shopping list and after looking through these favorite wing recipes, make the list, go shopping, start preparing and then sit back and enjoy the game.

Wing Recipes

In the recipes and pictures below you will see wings made with traditional BBQ, various fruits, spices, alcohol, and of course, bacon. Some are made with air fryers, grilled, baked in the oven, smoked for hours, and even the crock pot. You are sure to find a flavor and technique that will want to make.

Crock pot BBQ Chicken Wings – Only 3 ingredients by Intelligent Domestications

Fireball Whiskey Wings by 300 Chicken Recipes

Honey BBQ Chicken Wings by Buzzfeed Tasty

Garlic Ranch Chicken Wings by Let the Baking Begin

Crispy Baked Lemon Pepper Wings by The Wicked Noodle

Crispy Baked Orange Chicken Wings by Just a Taste

Applewood Smoked Wings by You Say Wonton, I Say Kreplach

Spicy Pineapple and Mango Wings by Savory Spicerack

Extra Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings by i Food Blogger

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings with Tequila Chipotle Sauce by Dishing Delish

Bloody Mary Wings Recipe by delish

Honey Soy Sticky Chicken Wings by Family Fresh Meals

Parmesan and Garlic Baked Chicken Wings by Evolving Table

General Tso Chicken Wings by Written Reality

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings by Cooking Maniac

Easy Teriyaki Wings by Lil’ Luna

Sweet and Spicy Coca-Cola Chicken Wings by Always Order Dessert

Cajun Honey Lime Chicken Wings by Must Love Home

Crispy Seasoned Chicken Wings by Kleinworth & Co

Dry Rub Fall off the Bone Chicken Wings by EatSmartMeals

How do you like em’?

I am partial to BBQ sauce, but everyone has their own favorites. So whether you like them spicy, fruity or crispy, there is a taste for everyone. Pick a few different recipes so your guests have a variety to pick from.

Remember that with 1.33 billion chicken wings being consumed the day of the Superbowl, be sure to either order them ahead of time so you aren’t running around town looking for some.


You will see the link to each of the various recipes above. Pick out your favorite ones and take the time to prepare ahead to get the ingredients and allow enough time to marinate and cook them.


Chicken wings are great for any entertaining event.  Although I have been mentioned making wings for the Superbowl, we often make them for holidays as well as a day when family is coming over for a summer cook out.

If you have other favorite recipes that were not mentioned in this post, be sure to share that with me in the comment area. I would love to hear what your favorite recipe of chicken wings is.



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